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We all need someone to talk to. When our heart is broken and our faith is shaken we need a place to share our grief of losing someone who means the world to us. Sometimes just to write down your feelings and read someone elses story gives you a way to help you begin to heal. There are so many people who are alone and have no one to share those emotions with. I hope this will be of some benefit to us all and hopefully something someone says will help someone else begin to heal.

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In memory of my daughter, Jennifer

I realized that even though people mean well when they try to comfort you, they really have no idea what to say because if they haven't been through it, they can't begin to imagine what the proper thing to say is..

If you want to tell your story or share with others the methods you used to cope, the struggle with your faith and if and how you overcame it, maybe your story will be the one that helps someone else through a very difficult time.